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Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War
Difficulty: **
Scares: *
Escape rate: 70%
Number of persons: 3 – 7
max. duration: 60 min
Language: NL / UK
Perfect for beginners, company outings and families.

"Are you able to warn the Allies in time?"

War. Captured in an enemy bunker and locked in a cell with water and bread. The guards are making your life miserable and nothing looks like you're ever going to be released. Unless… unless you can reach the Allies in the region. There's an hour when the guards make their rounds and this is your chance! Would there suddenly be a chance to escape after all? Can you escape before the guards return?  

Take up the challenge with your friends, colleagues or family. Work together, find the solutions and celebrate freedom together after your ultimate escape (if you can).

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