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Crazy Farmer

Crazy Farmer
Difficulty: ***
Scare moments: **
Escape rate: 60%
Number of persons: 3 – 7
max. duration: 60 min
Language: NL / UK
Perfect for families, company outings and friends.

"Unravel  the secret  from

the mysterious farm"

A farm with a story. Years ago, this was the home of a proud professor, who became world famous with the development of a remedy that makes it possible to grow food all over the world. Until it turned out that the substance could pose a danger to humans. The professor was no longer trusted, banished to his farm and no one passed there anymore. Until special stories circulate and you come along to unravel the mystery.

Take up the challenge with your friends, colleagues or family. Work together, find the solutions and celebrate freedom together after your ultimate escape (if you can).

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