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AR City Game

Are you looking for an exciting, fun and challenging bachelor party, group, company or family outing? Then you have come to the right place. Escape Room Wageningen offers top-notch entertainment, but is also suitable for experiencing the role of the various group members. Who will come up with the creative ideas, who will take the lead and who will come up with the right solution?

On arrival you will be welcomed with a short explanation of the game and then you will start the adventure in one of the two rooms. There are toilets in the escape room and you can drink soft drinks, coffee or tea.

Groups of up to 26 people can stay in our three rooms (if available) at the same time. If you are more than one, you can also book two time slots in a row and you can play up to 50 people simultaneously within two hours and fifteen minutes. The team that is not playing can possibly play our GPS tour or just have a cup of coffee.

Playing the escape room can also be combined with one of the additional programs at the escape room or at the Blaauwe Arena, so that no one has to wait for each other.

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