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Prisoner of War

  • War theme

  • 3 - 7 people

  • from € 16 pp

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The Final Battle

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  • Battle room

  • 6 - 14 people

  • from € 20 pp

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Crazy Farmer

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  • Mystery theme

  • 3 - 7 people

  • from € 16 pp



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Prisoner of War

War Time. Captured in a hostile bunker and locked in a cell with only water and bread. The guards are making your life miserable and nothing looks like you're ever going to be released. Unless… unless you can reach the Allies in the area. Would there be a chance to escape?

Difficulty: ***
Number of persons: 3 – 7
Max. duration: 60 min

Perfect for beginners

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Crazy Farmer

A farm with a history. Years ago this farm was the home of a proud professor, he became world famous with the development of a remedy that allows food to be grown all over the world. Until it turned out that the substance could pose a danger to humans. The professor was no longer trusted, banned and no one came around anymore. Until the day you come along and unravel the mystery.

Difficulty: ***
Number of persons: 3 – 7
Max. duration: 60 min

The Final Battle

Not an ordinary escape room, but a Battle Room! Compete in two teams against each other in the arena of the future. Full of thrills, challenging puzzles and head-to-head duels!  

We live in the year 2159. The world has changed. Everyone lives in great poverty. The whole world? No, there is one place on earth where you want to live, but where hardly anyone is allowed to live. A select group of privileged people have created a Utopia, where you live in luxury. An annual, strict selection procedure determines who the new residents will be. You have made it to the final round and are about to decide who will gain access to Utopia. Which team

lives in Utopia from now on and which team will be left behind in poverty?

Difficulty: ****
Number of persons: 4 – 14
Duration: 70 min

New generation escape room!



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