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Step into the future and go on a freedom mission!

It is the year 2185, over 10 years ago the Regime came to power. It introduced the Algorithm: a technological machine that keeps society completely running. And "liberated" citizens from national borders, conflicts, personal property and freedom of choice about study, partner and faith. A masterpiece according to the Regime itself, but not everyone agrees. Join the Resistance and go on a freedom mission!

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The Algorithm is somewhere in the Vrijheidskwartier in Wageningen, the place where freedom has a rich history. Due to security reasons, we cannot share the exact location yet. You will receive instructions regarding your maintenance work on the day itself at Hotel De Wereld: 5 Mei Plein 1, Wageningen. Sign in there together with your team in the large capitulation hall.


Rates for the escape room 'Escape to Freedom' range from €12,- to €33,- per person, depending on the number of players. This price includes a drink upon arrival at Hotel De Wereld, choice of either coffee, tea or a soft drink.

Your Mission

Once a year, the Algorithm is vulnerable during maintenance. The Regime sends their most loyal citizens for this crucial task. But the Resistance knows better. Disguise yourself as a maintenance worker and infiltrate the Algorithm. Together with your allies, sabotage the system from within and give society back their freedom The clock is ticking, the future awaits. Do you dare the challenge?

The Regime

Beware: the Regime does not accept dissent. In this dark world, cooperation is our strength, but be wary. Trust no one, for behind every smile may be a traitor. Do you dare to accept the challenge and liberate our society? Be smart, be courageous and let the flame of resistance burn in your heart.


nb. of        price          
persons    p.p.           total

2                € 33            € 66

3                € 23            € 69

4                € 18            € 72

5                € 15            € 75

6                € 13            € 78

7                € 12            € 84

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • For 2-7 players

  • From 10 years

  • Difficulty level 3/5

  • Tension 2/5

  • NL/UK




About Vrijheidskwartier

'Escape to Freedom' is made possible in part by the Vrijheidskwartier / Freedom Quarter. The place where on May 5, 1945 our freedom was shaped and where you can do it again together today. From the historical awareness of the unique place where you move, we look back and forward. Because the definition of freedom looked very different in 1945 than it does today. What did it mean to your (grand) parents? And what freedom are we passing on to the next generation? Step into the Freedom Quarter and #DiscoverYourFreedom. Curious about what else to experience in the Freedom Quarter besides "Escape to Freedom"? Then click here.

11 Logo Vrijheidskwartier vertikaal wit



Tel: 0317-700225

Opening Hours:

Wednesday from 13h - 17h

Thursday from 16h

Friday from 16h

Saturday from 11h30

Sunday from 11h30


Generaal Foulkesweg 1

6703 BG Wageningen

This escape room is operated by Escape Room Wageningen.

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