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Company Outings


AR City Game



At location

In our reception room we serve coffee, tea and soft drinks, which you can drink before and after your escape. 

If you want to combine the escape room with lunch or dinner, you can make use of our collaboration with:  

Colors World Food

A world of flavours. International dishes from all over the world are served. Colors serves this World Food in small portions to share.

The Blue Room

Are you coming with a large group and do you want a shadow program?

Bee  The Blaauwe Arena  Approximately 500 square meters of space has been made available for playing the most exciting and challenging games, such as laser tag or a walking excursion through the nature reserve. Just a 5-minute drive from the escape room, this is an ideal combination and suitable for bachelor parties, group, company and family outings. Have a bite to eat afterwards? No problem! It  Panorama Restaurant  is one door away where you can end the day wonderfully!

Are you looking for an exciting, fun and challenging company outing? Then you have come to the right place. Escape Room Wageningen is an ideal place for your team building activity due to top-notch entertainment. An Escape Room is also suitable to experience the role of the different group members. Who will come up with the creative ideas, who will take the lead and who will come up with the right solution?


You park the car for free at the escape room. On arrival you will be welcomed with a short explanation of the game and then everyone will embark on the adventure in one of the three escape rooms. There are toilets in the escape room and you can enjoy soft drinks, coffee or tea.


From November '21 you can visit groups of up to 26 people at the same time, divided over three rooms. If you are more than one, you can also book two time slots in a row and you can play up to 52 people simultaneously within two hours and fifteen minutes.


To combine

​Of course you can combine your visit to the escape room with a  AR City Game  and a  nice meal

Looking for something new? A game full of team building, excitement and adventure? Then play our Augmented Reality City games! Based on the hit series La Casa de Papel, you work closely with the Professor and raid the Spanish Mint as a team.

The AR City games are a cross between an escape room and a treasure hunt. Here you are armed with gadgets & an iPad sent to complete the mission.  

The game can be played for groups of 4 to 40 people. The price is €24.95 pp, including explanation, use of tablet, special bag with props and battle element.


Compete with multiple teams against each other. Sabotage, cheat and show who can do the job best! Are you ready to take on this challenge with your team or group?